How to Introduce Yourself in an Interview?

5 min readMay 23, 2021


In this article, we are going to take up perhaps the most basic question for any interview and that is how to introduce yourself?

So let’s get started.

Three Most Common Mistakes While Introducing Yourself

Now there are three common mistakes that most people make while introducing themselves during an interview.

1. They talk about their Hobbies

The first mistake is that people often talk about their hobbies and how they like to do Netflix & chill.

Basically they try to project themselves as an interesting person.

Well here’s what I got to tell you that you are not on a date but in an interview.

So unless asked about these things please do not talk about anything that is not related to your interview.

2. They start Bragging

The second mistake that most people make is that their introduction becomes extremely lengthy.

For example, they start bragging about all the certificates they got and the activities they did in life which again is completely pointless and the other mistake is that — people often state the most obvious fact of all.

For example, if a company has come to your college specifically for recruitment and they themselves have mentioned that we need only fourth in engineering students.

Most people give our introductions like, myself Tony Kakkar I am in a XYZ engineering college currently studying in fourth year doing mechanical engineering and I have an SGPA of 8.2.

3. Third Mistake

Thirdly the introduction does not give the interviewer any sense of direction as to how to take the interview further.

How to make Sense in your Introduction?

So now the question is how do you exactly make sense in your introduction.

Well there are three elements that need to be present in your introduction.

1. Your Skills

2. Your Project/Experience — Here by projects I mean where exactly have you applied your skill set, this could be a patent, this could be a research paper, this could be a documentary or even your YouTube channel or your portfolio depending on whichever stream you belong to and thirdly a cherry on the cake would be your

3. Your Achievements — So, if you’ve got achievements well and good that’s fantastic.

If you do not have any achievements that’s fine too.

But the first two elements need to be present in your introduction by default.

How to frame your intro?

So now the question is how do you exactly frame your introduction? Very simple.

Step 1: Go through your job description carefully and find out what are the skills the company is looking out for?

Step 2: Out of those skill sets, pick two to three skills that are most important and the ones that you possess.

Step 3: Reflect upon where exactly you have applied those skills and Here’s where your projects patents and portfolios come into play.

Step 4: If you’ve got achievements then reflect upon those achievements and find out what exactly are the significant milestones that you have achieved, while you have done those projects.

And then you can frame your introduction.

Over here let’s take a very simple example that everybody can relate to — Let’s say tomorrow I go and apply for a media company like TVF.

Okay so here’s what my introduction is going to look like -

Sample Introduction

Sir my name is Tony Kakkar and I specialize in three skills the first kill is storytelling.

I have an Instagram page, wherein I’ve been posting case study videos which have gathered over 4 million views in the past 1.5 years.

The second skill that I have is video editing and I do my video editing using final cut pro software.

I have mentioned the links of all the videos in the resume so you can have a look at them.

And lastly I specialize in event management, I was a lead organizer and licensee of the first TEDx event that was held in my college wherein I led a team of 43 people to organize the event which got an NPS rating of 97 out of 100, which is one of the best ratings that any TEDx event could have in the country.

Apart from that, I am also looking out to specialize in two more things — one is sound design and second is I want to get my hands on adobe after effects software.

Benefits of this kind of Sample

So when you give this kind of an introduction there are three major benefits -

1. The moment you mention the skills and the projects the recruiter clearly understands that this guy is a relevant candidate.

2. The interviewer gets a very clear sense of direction, on what to ask you further.

He will further go on to ask you as to — how did you exactly execute your projects or what are the hurdles that you faced while you executed the project?

3. Last and most importantly once the recruiter starts asking you questions about your own project, you have brought the recruiter into your own forte, wherein you know everything about what exactly did you do and what are the hurdles you faced?

So that is how at least the first 10 minutes of your interview you won’t go completely clueless which will give you the confidence to answer the further questions.

But now if you go clueless in the first 10 minutes, chances are that you could go blank which is like one of the worst things to happen in an interview.

Now over here some people come and ask me — bro what do we do if you do not have any skill sets required for the job?

Well then I’ve just got one answer for you — Develop your skill set first.

So follow this method and write down your introduction at least one day before an interview and practice in front of the camera, so that you can see for yourself as to how do you sound when you give out your introduction and as long as you don’t sound like Chatur.

I think you will be able to get a wonderful start for your interview eventually to take the baby steps towards getting your dream job.




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